• 19 Jun 2017 » Balancing power and refinement

    Most of us have a tendency to work too hard in yoga at least some of the time in an effort to try to force improvement in our practice. However, over-efforting is counterproductive because it increases the likelihood of injury and thwarts our enjoyment of the present moment, which in turn impedes our ability to practice awareness with serenity. In addition, too much power in our practice makes it difficult to explore the refinements of the poses, to notice and adjust minor alignment imbalances, and to find expressiveness, spaciousness, and freedom in each pose.

    So how do you go about striking that balance between power and refinement? The answer is through the breath.

About Gernot Huber

Image of Gernot HuberYoga Mind Yoga Body is Gernot Huber's studio for private classes by appointment only. Gernot also teaches drop-in group classes, but those take place at two other studios, Wild Rose Yoga Studio and The Yoga Tree. Gernot skillfully integrates down-to-earth discussions of breath, alignment, anatomy, and awareness to convey the key concepts of yogic philosophy with clarity and humor to practitioners of all levels, helping them transform their practice by emphasizing the mental dimensions of yoga as well as the physical. 

Drop-in Classes

Schedule for June 19-25. No Tuesday classes until July 25.

Day Time Class Type Studio
Mon 9 am Yoga Foundations Yoga Tree
Wed 10:45 am Yoga Explorations Yoga Tree
Thu 6 pm Vigorous Yoga Wild Rose
Fri 10:45 am Yoga Foundations Yoga Tree

Price: 250THB per class, discount with multi-class pass. No reservation required.

Private Classes

Book a private class to have Gernot tailor his teaching entirely to your needs. Whether you are a beginner and don't feel ready for a group class, want to work on specific poses or personal challenges, or want an expert eye to check your alignment and technique and bring to light detrimental habits, a private class with a dedicated and knowledgable teacher is a great way to deepen your practice. Contact Gernot to make a reservation.

  • Price: 1800THB/hour for one person, 200THB/hour for each additional person
  • Availability: Mon - Sun by appointment

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