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  • 24 Jul 2016 » Pranayama

    Pranayama, one of the core disciplines of yoga, is often translated as "control of life force" or "breath control", because 'prana' means life force, and 'yama' means control or restriction. However, if you understand Sanskrit spelling and word contraction rules (which I barely do) you would know that 'pranayama' cannot be a contraction of 'prana' and 'yama', because the second 'a' in 'prana' is short, while the second 'a' in 'pranayama' is long. (This is not a manner of interpretation. A short and a long ‘a’ are two different characters in Devanagari, the writing system used for Sanskrit, and as far as I know, no one has ever found an original source in which pranayama was spelled with a short ‘a’ in the second position. If someone did, that would reopen this argument, but in the absence of such a source, this is an open and shut case.)

  • 18 Jul 2016 » Hip openers and hip alignment

    Hip alignment can be challenging—perhaps more so than the alignment of any other joint in the body—because of tightness of the ligaments that support the joint, and tightness in the muscles that articulate the hips. While none of our joints are as flexible as they were when we were infants, the hips typically lose a greater percentage of their range of motion over time than any other joint in our bodies. This is because the hip joints are extremely flexible when we are born, but in our daily lives we make use of a very limited part of their original range of motion, and muscles and connective tissue will tighten up naturally to permit no more than the range of motion repeatedly required of them.

About Gernot Huber

Image of Gernot HuberYoga teacher Gernot Huber is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and teaches drop-in classes, workshops, and private classes primarily using Anusara and Iyengar yoga techniques. He teaches private classes at his own small studio, Yoga Mind Yoga Body, and public drop-in classes at Chiang Mai's two premier studios, Wild Rose Yoga Studio and The Yoga Tree.

Drop-in Classes

Schedule for the week of July 25:

Day Time Class Type Studio
Mon 9 am Yoga Foundations Yoga Tree
Tue 10 am Vigorous Yoga Wild Rose
Wed 10:30 am Yoga Explorations Yoga Tree
Wed 6 pm Vigorous Yoga Wild Rose
Fri 10:30 am Yoga Foundations Yoga Tree

Price: 250THB per class, discount with multi-class pass. No reservation required.

Private Classes

Book a private class to have Gernot tailor his teaching entirely to your needs. Whether you are a beginner and don't feel ready for a group class, want to work on specific poses or personal challenges, or want an expert eye to check your alignment and technique and bring to light detrimental habits, a private class with a dedicated and knowledgable teacher is a great way to deepen your practice. Contact Gernot to make a reservation.

  • Price: 1600THB/hour for one person, 200THB/hour for each additional person
  • Availability: Mon - Sun by appointment


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