Gernot teaches 3 types of drop-in classes Monday through Friday most weeks in Chiang Mai.

Schedule of public classes

Schedule for Feb 12-18: Substitute teacher this Friday and NEXT Monday as I will be teaching in Yangon.

Time:9 am10 am10:45 am10:45 am
Class type: Yoga Foundations Vigorous Yoga Yoga Explorations Yoga Foundations
Levels: 0-2 1-3 1-2 1-2
Studio: Yoga Tree Wild Rose Yoga Tree Yoga Tree
Day Time Class Type Studio
Mon 9 am Yoga Foundations Yoga Tree
Tue 10 am Vigorous Yoga Wild Rose
Wed 10:45 am Yoga Explorations Yoga Tree
Fri 10:45 am Substitute Yoga Tree

Theme for this week's classes: Do less, feel more

Typically all the classes in a given week explore a common theme, though each class is unique. The classes build on each other, so that classes earlier in the week serve as preparation for more playful or more exploratory classes later in the week.

While the classes share a theme, each class in a given week is different and has a slightly different emphasis. By attending two, three, or more classes in the same week, you get plenty of time to explore the theme in depth, to truly internalize the teachings, and to safely move deeper into poses than you would be able to in just one class.

For more information on Gernot's teaching philosophy, see the about us page.

Yoga Foundations

These classes focus on alignment and breath, and on safely increasing your strength, flexibility and balance for long-term physical health. At the same time, as in Gernot's more advanced classes, there is an equal emphasis on the mind, on increasing awareness and serenity in your yoga practice. Yoga Foundations classes are more reflective, and are great for beginning students and students looking for a less athletic practice. However, Gernot's detailed alignment instructions and his focus on increasing awareness and serenity mean that these classes are plenty challenging even for more advanced students.

Yoga Explorations

Primarily aimed at students who have practiced yoga for a while and who want to deepen their practice by using advanced asanas to work on the mental aspects of yoga. Each class builds gradually towards a relatively advanced crown pose, providing students with a safe opportunity to playfully and mindfully explore new territory, re-access beginner's mind, and practice non-attachment to goals. Multiple variations of advanced poses are always provided so that these classes are also appropriate for beginning yoga students who are physically active.

Vigorous Yoga

More playful classes that incorporate flowing sequences for a more athletic and expressive practice. Vigorous Yoga classes have a strong focus on breath-movement coordination, while still emphasizing awareness and alignment. A healthy dose of inversions, arm balances, binds, and/or deep backbends will provide plenty of opportunities for you to practice vanquishing your ego while celebrating life through yoga.