Take a workshop with Gernot to deepen your practice by focusing on a specific aspect of your yoga practice. To read a feature article on Gernot's teaching published by Shut Up & Yoga, click here.

Upcoming Workshops

Below are short descriptions of all the workshops Gernot teaches regularly. If you are interested in hosting one of Gernot's workshops at your studio, please contact us. Gernot also teaches the anatomy portion of 200hr yoga teacher trainings. If you are organizing a teacher training and are looking for a highly skilled teacher to teach a truly participatory and yoga-specific anatomy module, please contact us.

This course is designed to deepen your understanding of yoga through the study of the underlying anatomy and physiology, and to make your practice safer and more effective. We begin by discussing how movement and stretching works on a physiological level, learning how to safely increase flexibility and strength. We then cover the major joints, bones, and muscles of the articular body in detail, including discussions of the most common injuries and how to prevent and/or heal them. We continue with a thorough examination of the spine and the deep postural muscles, with a focus on learning how to keep the spine aligned and healthy. Lastly we cover the anatomy and physiology of mind body connections, including the breath, which classic anatomy does not address. We will focus on these crucial but subtle connections by experimenting with awareness meditation, restorative yoga, and breathing techniques, learning how to practice yoga in such a way that it creates beneficial changes in the mind as well as the body. A major thread running through this course is the attempt to correlate the experiential, sometimes cryptic knowledge of yoga with the science of anatomy. Tuition includes a Yoga Anatomy course book specifically designed for this course.

This course is designed to be useful for all yoga students, from beginners to advanced practitioners and teachers.

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Do you find inversions unnerving? Do you have trouble getting into them, and once there, do you find it difficult to maintain awareness and alignment? This workshop is designed to put you on the path towards effortless inversions.

Join us for a thorough and fun introduction to inversions that will help you expand your yoga practice by harnessing the therapeutic powers of inversions. In this workshop we will pinpoint the common issues that make inversions challenging, determine which ones apply to you, and show you effective ways to address them.

Designed for people who are not yet comfortable kicking up into a handstand and/or balancing in headstand, this workshop will teach you how to increase your confidence, your awareness, and your strength, flexibility, and balance to make inversions possible, safe, and fun.

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In this workshop we will cover relevant anatomy and perform an anatomical self-evaluation so that you can understand what your own physical challenges are in inversions and how best to work on them. You will learn how to move in and out of inversions without using momentum to bring more control and refinement to your inversions, and we will explore variations that will greatly expand the scope of your inversions practice.

Designed for students who can kick up into handstand at the wall, and/or can balance in headstand for a few breaths.

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Do you find it challenging standing on your hands? Would you like to find out why, and what to do about it?

Come join us for a thorough and fun exploration of arm balances - including handstand and forearm balance - that will help you build self-confidence and expand your yoga practice. In this workshop we will pinpoint the common issues that make arm balances challenging, discover which ones are most relevant for you, and show you effective ways to address them (and no, lack of arm strength is not always the main challenge).

Designed for people who can stay in a handstand at the wall for a few breaths even if you can't kick up yet, this workshop will teach you how to increase your confidence, your awareness, and your strength, flexibility, and balance to make arm balances possible, safe, and fun!

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Many of us have embraced yoga because we have experienced its power to bring more balance to our high-stress, achievement-oriented lives. But invariably we find that our goal-oriented mindset has seeped into our yoga practice, limiting yoga's ability to bring us balance and joy. The purpose of this workshop is to make visible our troublesome tendencies to strive, struggle, and judge even on the mat, and to learn to cultivate a more balanced attitude to yoga, in order to maximize its potential to transform our lives.

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This workshop is designed to teach you how to maximize the benefits of yoga while learning to let go of detrimental behavior patterns that can creep into your practice. You will also learn how to practice in such a way as to minimize injuries, even if you have pre-existing conditions that may make you wonder whether you should practice yoga at all. Lastly, you will learn specific yoga techniques to address chronic health conditions such as back pain, poor posture, poor circulation, excessive stress, insomnia, constipation, neck tension, depression, low energy, arthritis, and osteoporosis.

Using mainly Anusara and Forrest Yoga techniques, this workshop is designed to be experiental, with about 80% asana practice and 20% discussion. For a more in-depth treatment of yoga therapy with more background information, see my Yoga Therapeutics workshop.

This course is designed to be useful for all yoga students, from beginners to advanced practitioners and teachers.

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In this workshop we will learn how to work with physical limitations, how to stay safe, and how to heal injuries if and when they happen. We will cover the basics of yoga therapeutics, learning how to we can practice yoga safely with a wide range of physical limitations. We will also learn the basic principles of staying safe, including how to learn to listen to your body instead of your ego. We will cover common yoga injuries and learn how to prevent their occurrence through good alignment and increased body awareness. We will also cover how to heal muscle and tendon tears if and when they occur, and specific poses that are particularly useful for a number of common health conditions, including different kinds of back pain, headache, insomnia, constipation, plantar fasciitis, knee replacements, scoliosis, and more.

Designed for students who have physical limitations, injuries, or common health issues, or who simply want to know more about staying healthy. This workshop is also specifically designed for yoga teachers who want to improve their ability to keep their students safe, and to safely work with students with physical limitations, both in private sessions and in group classes.

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This workshop presents the Universal Principles of Alignment as taught in Anusara Yoga, but also includes Gernot's own interpretations and modifications of the universal principles. The beauty of the universal principles of alignment is that they can be applied to any yoga pose to not only bring you into better alignment, but to help you deepen your sense of freedom and peace in each pose through increased awareness and a heightened sense of balance between opposites, whether they are effort and surrender, expansion and contraction, or mind and body.

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This 6 or 9 hour intensive is perfect for beginners who want a thorough introduction to yoga. This course will give you the confidence and skills to feel comfortable and safe in any drop-in level 1 yoga class and most mixed-level classes, and to practice yoga safely and effectively on your own.

The curriculum includes the Universal Principles of Alignment used in Anusara Yoga, and thorough instructions on how to apply them in the commonly practiced postures, including standing poses, hip openers, inversions, backbends, forward folds and twists. The teachings emphasize awareness, the breath, and a balanced experience of yoga to prevent injuries and maximize the benefits of the practice. We will also conduct a body assessment of each student to understand what each person's specific needs are to find more balance in their bodies and in their lives. Alongside the practice of asana (yoga poses), the course also introduces yogic breath-work (pranayama), mediation, and yoga philosphy.

The course is divided into three 3 hour sessions that can be arranged at your convenience (three consecutive afternoons, or three sessions in two days, etc.). If you are pressed for time, this workshop can be shortened to 6 hours (two 3 hour sessions, or three 2 hour sessions). The 6 hour version covers fewer poses in detail, and covers breath work, philosophy, and meditation with less detail.

Minimum course size is one student and the maximum is four, to ensure that each student gets maximum personal attention. The small course size also allows for customization of the course contents to the specific needs of the participants.

For a 6 hour intro to yoga workshop, the price is 10,000THB for a single student, 5600THB per student for a class size of two, 4150THB per student for a class size of three, and 3600THB each for four students.

The price for the 9 hour workshop is 14,500THB for a single student, 8000THB per student for a class size of two, 5800THB per student for a class size of three, and 4800THB each for four students.

For more information and to book this workshop, contact us.

To see a review of this workshop, go to Yoga Mind Yoga Body's Google+ page (scroll down to Ro Pete's review at the bottom).