Join Gernot for five days of hands-on anatomy study and yoga practice and find answers to these and other questions. Course schedule:

Begin each session with a short asana or pranayama practice and continue with a yoga anatomy and physiology curriculum that balances presentations with hands-on anatomy experiments and activities and question and answer sessions. Interspersed throughout the sessions are short yoga practices that allow you to physically experience the essence of the anatomy lessons to help you deepen your understanding and facilitate retention of knowledge.

This course is designed to deepen your understanding of yoga through the study of the underlying anatomy and physiology, and to make your practice safer and more effective. We begin by discussing how movement and stretching works on a physiological level, learning how to safely increase flexibility and strength. We then cover the major joints, bones, and muscles of the articular body in detail, including discussions of the most common injuries and how to prevent and/or heal them. We continue with a thorough examination of the spine and the postural muscles that support this most central kinetic structure of the body, with a focus on learning how to keep the spine aligned and healthy. Lastly we cover the anatomy and physiology of mind body connections, which classic anatomy does not address. We will focus on these crucial but subtle connections by experimenting with awareness meditation, restorative yoga, and breathing techniques, learning how to practice yoga in such a way that it creates beneficial changes in the mind as well as the body.

A major thread running through this course is the attempt to correlate the experiential, sometimes cryptic knowledge of yoga with the science of anatomy.

The course features the following:

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