Do you find it challenging standing on your hands? Would you like to find out why, and what to do about it?

Come join us for a thorough and fun exploration of arm balances - including handstand and forearm balance - that will help you build self-confidence and expand your yoga practice. In this workshop we will explore the common issues that make arm balances challenging, and show you effective ways to address them (and no, it's not just about arm strength).

We will explore relevant anatomy to better understand the physical challenges and body mechanics involved, and will carry out a series of experiments that will reveal which of these challenges are most relevant to each student in the workshop. We will then spend a fair amount of time on fundamentals such as upper body strengtheners, hip openers, and spinal and shoulder alignment to prepare you for arm balances.

The course includes a practice guide for you to take home that contains photos and descriptions of a series of exercises to support your arm balance practice, so that you can continue working at home to make your arm balances more effortless.

If you want to prepare ahead of time to get the most out of this workshop, I recommend that you start a regular practice (at least twice a week) that involves Downward Dog and reclining hip openers, including Supta Padangusthasana, Happy Baby, Threading the Needle, and similar poses, as well as a pose I call "Wall Dog," instructions for which you can watch here.

Please contact Gernot through the contact page for more information and to register. Please be sure to specify which workshop you are writing about.