If you have been practicing yoga for a while, you probably will have noticed that at least some poses that used to feel awkward, uncomfortable and arduous, have begun to feel more spacious and increasingly effortless. Other poses and movements perhaps still feel daunting, and you may be wondering if you’ll ever get “better” at those. Perhaps you have noticed that the feeling-tone of your practice is different when you are in one of the poses that have started to feel comfortable compared to how you feel when you are in a pose that is still very challenging. Perhaps you have noticed that in a now-comfortable pose you feel less judgmental, less goal-oriented, and more able to enjoy the moment, while in the challenging poses, you struggle, you strive, you yearn for a day when this pose, too, will feel better.

If this is where you are, a door has opened in your practice that is very worthwhile walking through: Learning to savor every moment of your practice, even the moments you spend in the awkward and uncomfortable poses. This workshop will go beyond physical modifications, to include modifications in “attitude” to take your practice to a whole new level by adding a supportive mental dimension to your physical practice, the mental practice of becoming more mindful, more present in each moment, and more serene.

This workshop consists of 4 sessions. The first 3 focus on one of each the 3 physical challenges we encounter in yoga, teaching you how to work with each one in turn. But even as we focus on each physical challenge, we will keep incorporating this idea of greater acceptance and a deeper savoring of each moment. In the fourth session, we will encounter all the challenges together, working on maintaining peace of mind even in poses that challenge strength, flexibility, and balance all at the same time.


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