Do you find inversions unnerving? Do you have trouble getting into them, and once there, do you find it difficult to cultivate awareness, alignment, and joy?

Designed for people who are not yet comfortable kicking up into a handstand and/or balancing in headstand, this workshop will teach you how to increase your confidence, your awareness, your strength, your flexibility, and your balance to make inversions possible, safe, and fun.

Why bother going upside down when there are endless great yoga poses that don't require such silliness as standing on your head? Because not only are inversions exceedingly fun, they also have remarkably positive effects on your body and your mind. And, if you are at all apprehensive about them, learning how to face your fears of going upside down will provide a tremendous positive ripple effect for your confidence in all parts of your life.

We will explore relevant anatomy to better understand the physical challenges and body mechanics involved, and will pinpoint which of these challenges are most relevant to each student in the workshop. We will then spend a fair amount of time on fundamentals such as upper body strengtheners, hip and shoulder openers, and spinal alignment to prepare you for going upside down safely and with control. Then I will assist you in going upside down very gradually, into all four classic yoga inversions, shoulderstand, headstand, forearm balance and handstand.

I will cover safety issues in great detail to build your confidence and ensure everyone's wellbeing, and teach everyone not just how to go upside down, but also how to safely take someone else upside down. I will also provide you with a practice guide to take home that includes photos and descriptions of all the inversion variations we practiced as well as exercises to support your inversion practice, so that you can continue working at home on your inversions.

PS: This workshop is also highly recommended for yoga teachers who would like to learn how to effectively and safely teach inversions to their students.

"The beginner's inversion workshop I found great; as a new teacher it was good to re-establish the basics and foundations for the inversions for my own personal practice as sometimes I find that in our own practice we can get carried away with the 'bells and whistles' and forget the underlying principles. Also it was good for me to better understand how to take a beginner through their initial steps towards a safe inversion practice.
I found both the inversions workshops [beginner's and intermediate] clear, concise, very informative, and playful, and I certainly came away more confident in my own inversion practice."
–Rachel (yoga teacher, UK)

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