This workshop will greatly expand your inversions practice, giving you more confidence and better alignment, and a better understanding of how to address the various challenges of inversions. In this workshop, we will:

Many yoga students I talk to seem to think that they lack upper body strength to do inversions well. I have found that for many students a lack of flexibility and a lack of core strength are just as much a part of the challenge, and for some students, more so. We will cover relevant anatomy and perform an anatomical self-evaluation so that you can understand what your own physical challenges are in inversions and how to work on them. Comparing different body types will help you understand how the specific challenges of inversions differ from person to person, which will be particularly useful to teachers wanting to improve their effectiveness in teaching inversions to all of their students. To improve everyone's inversions practice we will learn exercises that address the various challenges of inversions, including strengthening exercises for the core, the shoulders, arms, and fingers, and stretching exercises for the wrists, the shoulders, and the hips.

We will cover all four classic inversions (headstand, handstand, forearm balance and shoulderstand), and introduce you to variations involving splits, twists, backbends, and forward folds. We will also cover creative, fun, and useful ways of coming in and out of inversions.

"Gernot is a highly gifted teacher. I took his Intermediate Inversions Workshop and it was one of the most helpful, thorough, interactive workshops I've taken."

–Jenny (yoga teacher and life coach, US)
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