Making advance payments to take advantage of the early registration discount

There are 4 ways to make advance payments:
  1. in cash at any of Gernot's weekly yoga classes
  2. in cash to Rose at any Wild Rose yoga class for any workshop at Wild Rose
  3. through bank transfer or cash deposit to YMYB's Thai bank account (best if you have a Thai bank account or if you are currently in Thailand)
  4. through Paypal to YMYB's Thai Paypal account (best if you have a Paypal account and aren't currently in Thailand and thus can't do a cash deposit at a Siam Commercial Bank branch, and also don't have a Thai bank account)
Please note that if you are using a bank transfer or Paypal, you are responsible for all fees, if any.

Paypal instructions:

Please use the contact link to request a Paypal invoice. Please use the subject "Paypal" and indicate in the body of the message which workshop you are signing up for, and how many people are signing up, if more than one.

Bank Transfer instructions:

If you have an account with a Thai bank, you can transfer the money from your account online or conduct a transfer at any of your bank's branches or ATMs. If you do not have a Thai bank account but are in Thailand, you can walk into any Siam Commercial Bank and make a deposit directly into our account. Below is the information you will need to conduct the transfer.

(Note that we do NOT recommend transfering money from a non-Thai bank, because in addition to the fees you are already paying, our bank will in all likelihood charge additional fees of around 1000THB [$30US], for which you would also be responsible.) If this is your only option, you are better off just registering via email and paying the course fee in cash at course begin.

Please transfer the money in Thai Baht to

Siam Commercial Bank
Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University Branch
110 Inthavaros Road
Sriphum District, Muang
Chiang Mai
Swift code: SICOTHBK
Account number: 566-468151-5
Account type: Savings
Account holder name: Marisa Guptarak/น.ส. มาริสา คุปตารักษ์
*note: the name will appear only in Thai for online and ATM transfers*

Please clearly indicate the workshop participant's name(s) on the transfer and send us a message through the contact link to let us know you have initiated a transfer.

Please contact Gernot if you have any questions, and be sure to specify which workshop you are writing about.