In this workshop we will learn how to work with physical limitations, how to stay safe, and how to heal injuries if and when they happen. We will cover the basics of yoga therapeutics, learning how to we can practice yoga safely with a wide range of physical limitations. We will also learn the basic principles of staying safe, including how to learn to listen to your body instead of your ego. We will cover common yoga injuries and learn how to prevent their occurrence through good alignment and increased body awareness. We will also cover how to heal muscle and tendon tears if and when they occur, and specific poses that are particularly useful for a number of common health conditions, including different kinds of back pain, headache, insomnia, constipation, plantar fasciitis, knee replacements, sscoliosis, and more.

In this workshop, you will learn

Designed for students who have physical limitations or injuries or who simply want to know more about staying healthy, as well as for yoga teachers who want to improve their ability to keep their students safe, and to safely work with students with physical limitations, both in private sessions and in group classes.

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