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"Gernot is a highly gifted teacher. I took his Intermediate Inversions Workshop and it was one of the most helpful, thorough, interactive workshops I've taken."
–Jenny (Yoga teacher, US)

"One of the best yoga teachers I've ever come across in my 12 years of Hatha Yoga practice. As an Indian I can honestly say that Gernot is a true Yogi, he knows Yoga in depth — the science, art and philosophy an magic of Yoga. I enjoy his style of teaching, sense of humour and the way he gives individual attention to all his students. I've always left his class discovering so much more about myself, my body and Yoga. What a Blessing ! I'm missing his classes even though I'm right now in the land of Yoga — Mysore, S.India surrounded by some great schools and teachers. He will always be remembered ! Thank you Gernot. Namaste ♥"
–Shaku (India)

"Brilliant teacher! Insightful and compassionate, I feel blessed and will return to ChiangMai for more!"
-Natalie (Yoga teacher, S. Africa )

"After seven months of studying with Gernot I continue to be impressed with his commitment to systematic teaching, as opposed to preaching, which is so often the case. Each week of classes consists of a theme which is explored from the general to the specific, from the basic to the advanced. In this manner, the body-mind is exposed to a repetition of ideas and insights; a great help in developing a more aware approach to alignment from the perspective of the outer, and a greater sensitivity from the perspective of the inner. I would recommend Gernot's classes to any serious practitioner, especially to those wishing to tune the body-mind in preparation for a more contemplative meditation practice."
-Geoffrey (Thailand)

"At Last! A yoga teacher with a no-nonsense approach to yoga. Gernot's classes are serious but great fun. He knows everybody's name and is quick to adjust your alignment if necessary. He also explains as he teaches regarding the body's capabilities and why alignment is so important, and he teaches with a passion that is infectious. In my opinion he is the best teacher I have come across in a very long time here in Chiang Mai."
-Nimmy (Thailand/UK)

"Yoga can be a meditative experience. I knew this, but I got a real taste of it in Gernot's class. One of the best Hatha yoga classes I have ever taken."
-Isabella (Reiki master, Laos)

"Chiang Mai is more lovely than I expected, because of Yoga, and Gernot's classes. 3 drop-in classes, same theme: forward folds, but different inspiration for me in each class. Thank you Gernot, for professional adjustments to my alignment, clear answers to my questions, and patient instructions for my headstand."
-Luo Qin (China)

"Gernot's dedication to alignment, conscientious class preparation, and skillful instruction has ensured that I leave his classes with a greater sense of wholeness and fulfillment — in body and mind — and that I've explored within a little bit deeper each time."
–Leslie (Yoga teacher, UK)

"I've truly enjoyed taking your classes the last few months. I've learned so much from you, and I can hear your voice in my home practice making sure I'm properly aligned. :)"
–Bessie (Thailand/US)

"One of the many reasons why I enjoy Gernot's classes is that I learn something new in each class. It sounds simple, but Gernot offers insight into thinking through the poses in a new and eye-opening way. I appreciate his knowledge of alignment principles and anatomy. His weekly themes are thoughtful and the flow of his classes are well-planned. He creates a comfortable and calming environment to practice. From the time I started Gernot's classes, my own yoga practice has improved greatly and with more depth than with any other teacher I've had.
–Mia (Yoga teacher, US)

"I liked Gernot's ability to adapt his teaching to fit the individual person's needs in a group class, shaping his guidance, his explanations, and his exercises to each student. I am not a natural yoga person, but after a couple of group classes, I began to feel the benefits of Gernot's instruction and decided to take private lessons with him. After returning from Thailand, I have continued to exercise yoga along the lines Gernot taught me. I wish he lived in London!"
–Philippe (UK)

"Gernot, in my opinion, is the best teacher around in Chiang Mai."
–John (Thailand/US)

"En Gernot encuentro una gran inspiración a la hora de hacer mi practica de yoga. Sus clases son una mezcla de sencillez pero son dinamicas al mismo tiempo, con ajustes correctos y bastante exactos, pero tambien con un toque de suavidad en sus manos. Gernot tiene una gran experiencia a la hora de explicar las asanas y posición del cuerpo, con un lenguaje muy claro y preciso. Ademas en el, como persona, encuentro que tiene una actitud amable y humilde. La combinación entre la tradición de Iyengar y Anusara que estan bastante latentes en sus clases han dado a mi practica bastante sentido.

Translation: "In Gernot I find great inspiration when I practice yoga. His classes are a blend of simplicity and dynamism, with exacting adjustments, but also with a touch of softness in his hands. Gernot has great experience explaining asanas and body positions, conveyed with clear and precise language. Furthermore, as a person, Gernot has a friendly and humble attitude. The combination of Iyengar and Anusara traditions evident in his classes has brought new meaning to my practice."
–Bebe (Yoga teacher, Thai massage instructor, Thailand/Spain)

"Gernot's yoga classes were among my favorite classes while living in Chiang Mai. He exudes enthusiasm for yoga, inspires you to challenge yourself, offers excellent instruction on alignment using Anusara's principals, and attentitively guides you in case you have no idea what to do in a pose and to deepen your interest in a pose once you think you know it. The "themes" of the classes always inspired me in my yoga practice and transferred perfectly to my life practice. I loved the space he created and I always finished the class fully surrendered."
–Tara (Thailand/US)

"Jede Woche erwarte ich gespannt Deine Rundmail. Sie hat etwas beruhigendes, ermutigendes. Ich habe Deine Stunden so sehr genossen und wenn ich Deine Mails erhalte, erinnern sie mich daran, wie gut mir Deine Yogastunden getan haben und wieviel Kraft ich daraus geschöpft habe. Nach jeder Deiner Stunden fuehlte ich mich so gestärkt, ruhig und befreit, sowohl körperlich als auch psychisch. Meine Haltung war völlig anders und ich strahlte noch über Stunden über das ganze Gesicht. Bei meinen Bekannten in Chiang Mai wurde das schon belächelt: 'Ah, Marissa kommt vom Yoga, sie strahlt so und sieht so glücklich aus.'"

Translation: "Every week I eagerly await your newsletter. It always has a calming and encouraging effect. I have enjoyed your classes so much, and your emails remind me how good your classes made me feel and how much energy I derived from them. After every class I felt energized, liberated, and at peace, in body and mind. My posture was transformed, and I would be beaming for hours afterwards. My friends in Chiang Mai would smile and say, "Ah, Marissa must be coming from yoga, she is beaming and looks so happy.'"
–Marisa (Singapore/Germany)

"Very caring, positive, accepting......knowledgable."
–Diane (US)

"Once again, I want to thank you for your wonderful classes. I fully enjoy them because you manage concisely to keep us focused on all the right things to make the practice a more joyous and fulfilled one. You don't say much, but what you do say, hits the nail on the head, in terms of awareness and focus."
–Adele (Canada)

"Thanks for an exhilarating and empowering Inversions workshop Gernot!"
—Dana (US)